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Stemcell Therapy For Skin

Every person’s skin is different in terms of color, tanning ability, sensitivity, moisture etc. Keeping this in mind, Dr. Lavnya’s Clinic in Chennai offers personalized services and treatments for specific needs of every patient. Who doesn’t want a young-look?!! Stem Cell therapy seems to restore hope and the feeling of well-being.

The causative factors of undesirable skin changes could be genetic, biological or extrinsic environmental factors. Dr. Lavanya is proficient in finding the factors which influences these skin changes and workout tailored treatment plans which are often constructive life changing experiences. Patients experience the leveling back of vigour, vitality and overall health.

Stem cells contain amino acids and peptides, which are skin care powerhouse ingredients for skin rejuvenation. They nourish skin cells, promotes cell turnover and increases collagen production. These stem cells are used to fight wrinkles, treat acne scars and improve skin turnover and overall appearance.

Our clinic provides stem cell therapy in conjunction with other treatments like PRP, Botox, dermarolling can show benefits dramatically. Rich in antioxidants and hydrators, they keep the skin moisturized. They also protect the skin from external factors and give out a more youthful look.

Stem cell therapy is a hopeful healing option for skin cells. More evidences which emerge now shows that skin stem cells are involved in the process of skin repair in case of major skin injuries, resulting from extensive burns, infection or trauma. They also have been shown to accelerate wound healing and are effective in treating vitiligo. No surgery and less time consumption have been some added benefits of this therapy.