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Stemcell Therapy For Hair

There are number of causes for hair loss. They could be stress, ageing, anemia, hypothyroidism, pregnancy, auto immune disorder and so on. People with hair loss may feel self- conscious, suffer from decreased quality of life and even feel depressed. You may have witnessed that conventional treatments have not so far cleared the path for understanding the complex mechanism of hair growth and hair fall. Therefore, are you wondering what to do?

You are at the right place…

Don’t let hair loss bring down your confidence. We have the solution at Lavanya’s clinic. We are one of the finest hair care clinics in Chennai committed to make positive changes for a healthier lifestyle in you. One of our services to treat hair loss is Stem Cell therapy. With the advent of regenerative medicine, Stem Cell is a therapeutic option.

Stem Cells are the cells which have the ability to divide and renew themselves to either stay stem cells or become other types of cells. They help repair certain tissues in the body by dividing and replacing damaged tissues. Stem cells are present in hair follicles helping in multiplication of hair cells.

Researchers have found that stem cell hair transplants can be effective in treating different hair loss conditions with the results varying from person to person.

The procedure includes punch biopsy to extract stem cells from the person. The stem cells are then separated from the tissue using a centrifuge. Then injected back into the scalp in the areas of hair loss.

Stem cell therapy has proven to be effective for the treatment of–

  • male androgenetic alopecia (male pattern baldness)
  • androgenetic alopecia (female pattern baldness)
  • cicatricial alopecia (hair follicles are destroyed and replaced with scar tissue)

Being a promising option for reducing hair loss and improving hair growth many patients visit our clinic and carry on their life with greater enthusiasm and satisfaction after the treatments.