Mole Excision


Mole Excision

Pay attention to your moles!

There are numerous moles of varying sizes, shapes and colours. Mostly the moles are harmless. However, there are a few which could become malignant melanoma (skin cancer). Cosmetically some moles may be unappealing or may be located in an undesirable place in an unattractive shape.

A mole is formed when a group of cells called melanocytes grow in a cluster at a particular spot on the body. They may be flat or protruding.

A mole may be removed in several ways:

  • Shave excision – The mole is shaved off with a scalpel, making it flush with the skin. A technique commonly used for smaller moles.
  • Excisional surgery (excision biopsy) – the mole plus a surrounding margin of healthy skin is cut out using a scalpel or a punch device. Sutures are required.
  • Laser treatment - As the laser destroys the pigment, it is first determined that the mole is benign and then treated using laser method.

Whether a mole needs a cosmetic treatment or to be determined whether it is potentially dangerous or not is where Dr. Lavanya’s clinic comes in. Being a highly trained and certified dermatology specialist Dr. Lavanya diagnoses and devises a suitable treatment plan. Remember skin cancer is preventable. Seek peace of mind by getting checked in our Chennai clinic.