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Ear Lobe Repair

Not very happy with the shape and appearance of your ear lobe? Or facing the issue of sagging earlobe or excess strain on the earlobes? Or do you have an enlarged hole in the earlobe? We understand that these may not only be inconvenient but also painful.

No worry about your earlobe problems! At Dr. Lavanya’s clinic there are options for ear lobe rejuvenation and correction with surgical as well as non-surgical procedures.

Non-surgical procedure involves the use of fillers. Fillers add volume to the earlobe tissue making it plump and smoother. This added cushioning improves the appearance and helps in recuperating easily.

Surgical procedure involves usage of sutures to tie up the tissues together.

Special cosmetic sutures are used for this procedure to help with faster healing as well as no marks once the sutures have been removed.

Having stepped into our Chennai clinic, step out in style with appealing ears after our best treatment.