Corn Excision


Corn Excision

Experiencing discomfort because of hardened skin layers on feet or palms?

Could be Corn or Calluses. To treat them in time visit Dr. Lavanya’s clinic.

Repetitive friction and pressure on a specific area of the skin causes the formation of thick and hardened layers. These are known as corns and calluses.

Corns on the feet and calluses on the hands and fingers are the most common type of hardened skin. They are usually painless but can become painful when not treated promptly.

To cure corn on feet, electrocautery and radiofrequency treatment is most widely used. They can be treated using laser therapy or laser removal also.

Surgery is another method to remove corns on feet when recurring corns are being caused due to a bone deformity. Over the counter Salicylic acid patches are also prescribed in certain cases. The most common and simple treatment that is used in treating calluses is buffing or trimming where the soft skin is brought to the surface.