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Fraction For Acne

Don’t have to live with acne scars. Contact Dr. Lavanya’s clinic...

Hair Removal (Diode)

Laser hair removal is a great option for people looking for an alternative...

Tatoo Removal

Need not regret about an unwanted tattoo anymore. Thanks to...

IPL Hair Removal

Yearning for a smooth, hair-free skin? Try IPL at Dr. Lavanya’s clinic...

dr lavanya skin and hair clinic chennai

Welcome to Dr. Lavanya's Skin & Hair Clinic

Dr. Lavanya’s Skin & Hair Clinic is Chennai’s finest skin & hair care centre. If you have questions about any afflictions on skin, mucus membranes, hair, scalp and nails, you have come to the right Doctor….and remember, it’s never too late!

The clinic-

  • Offers a bouquet of skin and haircare services that range from simple to complex
  • Provides comprehensive treatments for all ages
  • Uses state-of-the-art technology
  • Combines our ancient ancestral wisdom with the modern insights of experts
  • Offers detailed treatment plans
  • Customizes solutions
  • Provides regular follow-ups
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4 C’s of Dr. Lavanya’s Skin and Hair Clinic

  • Committment to Excellence We are dedicated to delivering excellent services through systematic and empathetic approach.
  • Comfort & Compassion We prioritize the patient’s comfort and convenience right from booking an appointment till the follow ups end. We make it a seamless experience.
  • Cutting-Edge Technology In our pursuit of excellence we remain attentive to improved technology and innovations.
  • Communication Open communication with the patients and the care givers enable the patients to make decisions on time with confidence.
dr lavanya skin and hair clinic chennai


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Skin aging and the appearance of undesirable skin changes must always be dealt with holistically. A person may experience the following...

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Chemical Peel

Unwanted skin changes can be improved or removed by dermatologists. During consultations at Dr. Lavanya’s clinic, Chennai we offer you...

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Electro Cautery

A small probe with a mild electric current running through it is used in electrocauterization. No current flows through the patient during...

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Most of the skin changes like wrinkles, stretch marks don’t appear overnight. There is a reason behind every skin change. Our cosmetic...

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Stemcell Therapy- Skin

Every person’s skin is different in terms of color, tanning ability, sensitivity, moisture etc. Keeping this in mind, Dr. Lavnya’s Clinic...

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Stemcell Therapy- Hair

There are number of causes for hair loss. They could be stress, ageing, anemia, hypothyroidism, pregnancy, auto immune disorder and so on...

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